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International Tax Filing

Filing Taxes While Living Abroad

Filing an income tax return is a crucial step for businesses and individuals. And when working or living abroad, understanding what to report and when can be difficult. Regardless of where in the world you earned the income or currently reside, the Internal Revenue Service requires you pay taxes on the money earned.

At Ryan Consulting Group, P.A., Alex Moghadasi provides high quality service, committing to year-round assistance for his clients with international tax interests. From foreign nationals working within the United States to U.S. citizens working abroad, our firm’s experience with international tax filing in Tampa helps clients file accurately and in a timely manner.

Individuals Who Work Internationally

The IRS taxes United States citizens’ worldwide income, including military personnel on duty outside the country. Many in these living circumstances don’t realize this, which is why advisement from an international tax consultant plays a pivotal role in filing income accurately and within the determined deadlines.

While international tax filing is standard tax processes, there may be complications when trying to file from another country. Many convenient tax software programs simplify the reporting process, but aren’t equipped to accommodate those with foreign interests and addresses. When you have Ryan Consulting Group, P.A. help you, we ensure the correct forms are submitted on your behalf. Additionally, we have experience helping expats, or U.S. citizens, who now permanently live abroad follow the correct procedure and meet the appropriate deadlines for filing.

Tax Filing for Green Card and Visa Holders

Both green cards and visas allow non-U.S. citizens to live and work in the country, but differ in several ways. A visa offers a temporary status; the individual still claims their permanent residence outside the United States, but become tax residents and will have to file accordingly. Instead of the standard 1040 form, visa holders file a 1040NR, specifically designed for non-residents to submit their record of income.

A green card is for those who intend to stay in America permanently. Green card holders are taxed similarly to citizens, and file the same standard 1040 tax form. When reporting income, it’s important to remember to disclose any foreign bank accounts under your assets. For those who received their green card mid-year, and can’t determine if it’s beneficial to claim residency the entire calendar year, we can help you make the right decision.

Understanding the Various Forms to File

Anyone filing taxes has to consider if they’ve supplied the IRS with all necessary information. At Ryan Consulting Group, P.A., we pride ourselves in simplifying that process for you. Our tax accountants provide assistance with t Form 8938, or FinCEN form 114.  If you’re a non-resident alien unsure of how to properly apply for a US H-1B visa, we can help you organize and file the appropriate paperwork to avoid any complications with the IRS.

Get Help Filing International Taxes in Tampa

Completing your income tax return can be daunting, and for those with international tax situations, complications may arise. At Ryan Consulting Group, P.A., Alex Moghadasi takes the guess work out of the process so you can ensure the IRS has a complete and accurate record of your income. For help with your international tax filing in Tampa, contact us to set up a consultation today!


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